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'Not Fire, But Blood'​
- Inside the album...

A glimpse into one of the projects I am working on. It's the beginnings of my stepping out as an author. I love writing and have many books with musings and thoughts written in them. However the time has come, when, as I begin composing my first compositional piece of music, to begin composing my first piece of writing. And so I have begun! "Not Fire, But Blood (Not Judgement, But Love)" will be made available (in the first instance) as an e-book -hopefully by the end of 2018. The idea is for it to connect with my musical projects, giving you insight and understanding behind the songs, as well as ideas that have come to me that tell a story not told before... 

Not Fire, But Blood (Not Judgement, But Love) is a fictional narrative of Yeshua's time in Heaven, as he prepares for his first advent to planet Earth -right to the end of time. Here is a short excerpt from the opening chapter to give you a taster...   

'From a distance the prince looks and beholds a strong pillar rising from the ashes of planet Earth. A pillar he sees made up of myriads of people. “My Body,” he says, with tones resonating deep affection. An emotional whirlwind surges through his being. Love, hope, delight, sorrow and pain burst from his soul like fireworks, spinning, colliding and exploding in some beautiful type chaos. Oh, the strength of his impassioned nature! Truly a force that only immortal Love could possibly contain.

Prince Yeshua.

He knew what it took to get this far and the sacrifice he would have to make for this moment to be realised. The moment of final victory. It was his Church, rising in a time that would take place far into Earth's future -even the end of days...

Suddenly, the shimmering throne room belonging to the noble king of the amaranthine realm, The Father, stood still. Every welcomed subject within its borders held their breath for there, gently flowing down Yeshua’s cheek, was a solitary drop of strange gel-like liquid. All eyes fixed on this drop so alien to the kingdom, as each one watched it course down his as yet un-scarred face. The realm’s inhabitants, including Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim, with the resplendent Father, watched as this clear crystal fluid fell from the countenance of His majesty’s begotten son, their prince. “Yeshua!” they exclaimed in hushed tones, staring, transfixed. What was this substance of sorrow formed from the eye of one so joyful? 
No-one knew except The Father seated on the throne. In thick silence, they watched the droplet travel slowly, down, down from Yeshua’s face and through space’s vortex until finally, it hit the Timeline.

(Opening excerpt of Chapter 1)

"Love the music! People need to know though, that Trace is more than about music...” 
~ Kevin Prosch, American Christian musician and worship leader, who also runs his own label "Third Ear Music". Kevin's profile can be viewed at www.last.fm/pt/music/Kevin+Prosch and on hubministries.org.

Debut e-Book underway! 
Aim for release: Christmas, 2018

" 'It's worship first and anything else comes out of that..' The Lord said to me in February of 2006. Creativity of music and art cultivated out of that place of worship, creates music and art that releases Heaven's touch.."​​​​​​​​
Trace is a UK singer-songwriter, composer, worship leader and performer, who plays the guitar and keyboards when not hands free. Writing began for her around the age of 11 and is a love that has never left. Her debut album entitled  'IT IS FINISHED' was released Easter,  2015. It contains 10 self-penned tracks that are a mix of worshipful and cross-over songs, recorded over a one and a half year period. 

As an acclaimed performer, Trace is described as a creative and inspirational songwriter and someone who leads worshippers right into the throne room of Father God. 
Click here for a more in-depth look at places Trace's music ministry has taken her, PLUS reviews of her live.

"Phenomenal gifting and talent - 9/10"
 Samme-Palermo, CEO-HeirChex Digital. Global distribution of Christian music to radio and pastor at TheOasisCF.com.


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